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Many people contact us at Escorts in Schiphol asking how our girls get involved in the industry. While everyone is different, we wanted to give you a clear example of what being an escort can be like for the girls that work with us. This is a story that we picked up from one of our girls, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her background. If you want to know what an escort can be like, this is a perfect example of what you could expect, if you were interested in joining up with Escorts in Schiphol today.

When I first started being an escort, I was asked by a friend – someone I’d known for years – why I was ‘selling myself’ to men. She wanted to know why I was essentially becoming a prostitute. Needless to say, I was very offended and hurt by what she was saying.

As anyone in the industry knows, an escort and a prostitute are NOT the same thing. I don’t work with the first guy who pulls up to ask me for service. I talk to every single client for a good period of time first, I do my research. The guys at Escorts in Schiphol help me to make sure the guys I’m agreeing to meet are safe, hygienic and friendly.

I don’t hop out on dates with the first guy who snaps his fingers at me. I don’t hang around town with creeps who make me feel like I’m nothing. I meet men who can help me to earn a living giving them a good time. Many of my clients aren’t even looking for direct sexual engagement; many times, it comes after the event of it simply being a great night where we both enjoyed ourselves immensely.

And that is the main difference of doing work like an escort; you do nothing that you don’t enjoy. I make sure every client knows that, unless agreed upon beforehand as part of the service like a hotel call, there’s a natural feel to every meeting together. I’ll never allow myself to be used or abused.

The people I work with, many times, become friends. While some people are only in town once and I don’t mind giving them a night to remember, some of my ex-clients have become good friends to me. Many send me messages on my birthday, and have become a part of my social circle. There’s no embarrassment or stigma. Most of my meet-ups start with us going out for dinner and have a good time together, getting to know one another.

They make an effort to know me, and it helps me to make an effort to impress them, certainly! If there’s mutual respect, there’s mutual fun involved for both parties. I get to dress up to impress, I get to have fun and I get to engage with interesting people from all across the world. As adults, we make decisions on what comes next entirely of our own free will. Yes, sex is part of being an escort. Yes, sometimes the meet-ups are all just about intercourse. Many times, though, what was ‘just’ sex turns into a night where both myself and my client can enjoy opening up and enjoying a fun, engaging evening that just beyond the climax.

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